Use with SquareSpace

Wyatt Arent
June 07 2021

Using FontPeek with SquareSpace is very quick and easy. The only requirement is you must first make sure you have a SquareSpace Business account for the code embedding features.

The primary way is to create a code content block on your page for your previews. Another popular approach is to have your previewers in your product descriptions. Finally, you can also set up a FontPage.

Preview on Page

First, make sure you have created your font preview.

Next, go to My Previews, find the preview you want in your SquareSpace product, and click Embed. This will copy your preview code to your clipboard.

Now open up SquareSpace and go to the page you want the previewer on. Then, hover your mouse over the section you want it to appear, and click the blue "Plus" button to create a new content block.

Now select "Code"

Make sure "HTML" is selected and "Display Source Code" is disabled. Then, paste in your embed code, and you should now see your previewer appear on your website!