Use with Shopify

Wyatt Arent
April 22 2021

Getting your font previewer set up on Shopify is easy, and there are a few different approaches you can take depending on your needs or personal preference.

Some businesses use a single page in their Shopify store to preview all fonts at one time. Another popular approach is to have your previewers in your product descriptions. Finally, you can also set up a FontPage. Any combination of these is fine.

Preview in Product

First, make sure you have created your font preview.

Next, go to My Previews, find the preview you want in your Shopify product, and click Embed:

Now open up Shopify and go to the product you want the previewer on. You can either edit an existing product, or add a new one. For this example, I'm adding a new one.

Once you're there, click the "Show HTML" button over the Description.

Now paste the embed code from your clipboard wherever int the description you would like it to appear. Then save your Shopify product.

When you toggle off Show HTML, the previewer should now appear in the description although it may not be fully functioning. That's a normal limitation of Shopify.

When you preview the full product, you can see your new previewer in action.